Drift 3

Drift 3

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What is Drift 3?

Drift 3 is a thrilling automotive driving game in which you must drive a vehicle and compete against other players. Be the last survivor standing to win!

Welcome to Drift 3, the third installment in the Drifting game series! When you play this game, you will be able to participate in frantic races with up to eight other people. Are you ready to participate in this racing game?

Game Rules

Races in this game are unending, and the game ends only when you fall into deep space or win. What steps do you take to win? You simply need to live until the end! It sounds simple, yet it is difficult to execute. You will face seven opponents who can push you out of races at any time, so be cautious. Aside from that, the track is challenging to master due to the wide range of sizes from length to width.

Your car will travel automatically, and your sole responsibility will be to modify its direction to meet the track. To turn, simply press and hold the right mouse button for a few seconds before releasing it to return to the original direction.

Drift 3 follows the same rules as the previous installment. To change the direction of your car, hold down the left mouse button and then release it.

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