Extreme Supercar: Stunt Drive

Extreme Supercar: Stunt Drive

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What is Extreme Supercar: Stunt Drive?

The Extreme Supercar: Stunt Drive is a high-octane display of automotive prowess. It defies physics, with unimaginable speed, precision handling, and ground-breaking technology. Drivers demonstrate their abilities with breathtaking stunts ranging from high-flying jumps to intricate drifts, all executed with exceptional finesse. These daring maneuvers highlight the engineering marvels that these supercars are, with their roaring engines purring like predatory beasts on the prowl.

Game Rules

Experience the thrill of defying physics with incredible stunts and mind-blowing supercars. Prepare to be blown away by an unrivaled combination of unfathomable speed, flawless handling, and ground-breaking technology. The game features a variety of daring maneuvers that showcase the engineering marvels of these supercars. Each stunt exemplifies the perfect balance of man and machine, where split-second decisions and precise control are essential for success. Prepare to be mesmerized as you witness the seamless fusion of human skill and advanced automotive technology. To unlock new levels and supercars, you must overcome daring challenges and complete exciting tasks. Take on treacherous tracks, overcome obstacles, and overtake opponents to establish yourself as a driving legend. We wish you all the best!

How to play

  • WASD drive C changed the camera for mobile use button on the screen.

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