Flyway Duo Race

Flyway Duo Race

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What is Flyway Duo Race?

In Flyway Duo Race, the most thrilling automobile and bike race game you've ever played, crank your engines and soar through the air. In this two-player game mode, you don't just hit the asphalt; you soar! What is the goal? Cover the greatest amount of ground with your car and leave your opponent in the dust.

Begin your adventure along the Flying Way, where casual-style cars defy gravity and regulations are designed to be broken. Flyway Duo racing, unlike any duck racing game or typing race game you've ever played, adds a whole new depth to the term "race games."

Game Rules

Look for gleaming diamonds scattered in your route as you navigate this airborne racetrack. Obtaining these brilliant gems is more than just a delightful diversion; they are the currency that allows you to purchase new, fast vehicles from the in-game shop. Whether you like a Moto x3m bike race game or an online auto race game, you'll discover a car that suits your racing style.

On the Flyway Duo Race, a two-player mode racing game in the manner of casual racing is about to begin, and you'll be in control of two separate autos. The most crucial goal of this event is to drive your vehicle the farthest distance feasible.

As you move through your quest, you will have the option to collect gems. Diamonds are required to purchase new automobiles from the store menu. Try to stay in the air for as long as possible while avoiding obstacles and jumping over ramps. The starting gun has gone off!

How to play

Using Mouse

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