Xtreme City Drift 3D

Xtreme City Drift 3D

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What is Xtreme City Drift 3D?

Xtreme City Drift 3D is a 3D drifting and racing game that is extremely realistic. Drift, race, time laps, and have even more fun driving in the city zone to get the most out of this game. Drive your car through the city streets, stopping at the checkpoints before the timer runs out. Upgrade your vehicle for increased speed and thrill. Around the long corners, you may pull some amazing drifts. You can earn money for unlocking new circuits and cars as you progress and win races.

The graphics are quite realistic, and the gameplay is entertaining. You can drift, race, and time-lapse while driving in the city zone with abandon. With Xtreme City Drift 3D's upgrade system, you can speed up your car.

Game Rules

In this game, you will drive a car down a city street filled with hazards. To keep your car on the road, you must dodge these obstacles. On the road, there will be traffic cops. You must avoid them and continue driving. There are three difficulty levels in the game. The game becomes more tough as the difficulty increases. You can get new cars by completing missions in the game. You can compete with your pals and compare your driving abilities.

As you do various spins and drifts in the middle of long and steep curves, make sure you reach the ten checkpoints along the path before your time runs out. When you start winning races, you will be able to unlock additional tracks and cars, which will lead you to a higher level of enjoyment. There are 6 distinct automobiles and 4 different game types to pick from.

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