Furious Drift

Furious Drift

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What is Furious Drift?

Furious Drift is a difficult 3D racing game in which your goal is to accumulate as many points as possible by drifting through the corners. Make sure to hit the brakes, turn, and release on time, otherwise, your drift will be invalidated and your points will be lost!

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In the game, you will find ten different vehicles that you may unlock by collecting enough cash. These can be obtained by winning drift races. Furious Drift has 15 levels with different objectives. Sometimes you'll be tasked with accumulating the most points by drifting and winning, while other times you'll be tasked with completing all of the checkpoints as swiftly as possible. Try to move as quickly as possible while avoiding any obstacles.

Jump in your amazing automobile and hit the gas to complete each race while performing the most incredible slides with your handbrake. Drift for as long as you can to keep gaining and compounding your score.

The more you drift, the more money you earn to buy bigger and better cars, so try your hardest to avoid striking the wall or you will lose all of your drift points. When playing Furious Drift, you can enjoy the speed and master the principles of physics!

How to play

  • W/Up arrow - Accelerate
  • S/Down arrow - Brake
  • A/Left arrow - Turn left
  • D/Right arrow - Turn right
  • C - Change view
  • Space - e-Brake

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