Car Racing Championship

Car Racing Championship

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What is Car Racing Championship?

Car Racing Championship is a simulation game about driving a car. It enables you to begin the game in Contest, Level, Street, or Escape mode. You can drive a car and cross the finish line as quickly as possible. Be happy because you will advance in your career and earn enough money to buy more cars and improve your acceleration.


  • Select one of the four game modes: Contest, Levels, Street, or Escape.
  • Because this is a manual transmission game, you'll need to practice shifting gears correctly in order to control your car's speed and direction.
  • Pay close attention to the top of the screen for specific instructions about the requirements of each level, which may include parking, reversing, or other tasks. Completing each level successfully will unlock new challenges and advance your racing career.

Suggestions for winning the Championship

  • Follow the instant hints: Before starting the car, rotate the key.
  • Purchase additional vehicles if you are dissatisfied with your current vehicle.

How to play

Press the button - use different skills, WASD - move

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