Super Star Car

Super Star Car

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Ready to put the pedal to the metal with Super Star Car as you race around the most spectacular race track imaginable? You will be able to design your automobile, increase its qualities, and change models as the game goes on until you reach the top ranks.

Barnzmu's Super Star Car is a 3D racing game. Begin your Formula One career by collecting vehicles and tracks. While racing at high speeds, enjoy amazing 3D graphics and smooth car controls. Spend your earnings on performance and mechanical enhancements! Change the camera perspective to get a more realistic sense from this game! Are you prepared to compete for the championship?

Show off your incredible driving abilities, put your reflexes to the test, and overtake your opponents in a fierce battle for victory as you shift your camera position and brake in tight bends to prevent going off the track. Can you become the greatest driver of all time?

There are multiple exciting campaign races to complete, with upgrades to improve your performance along the way. Take in the realistic noises and 3D images! You may also change the viewpoint to achieve your desired level of realism. Additional Games Like This Check out our Formula-1 games if you enjoy the thrill of F1 driving. Head over to our driving games section for a bigger selection, including top titles like Madalin Stunt Cars 2 and Drift Hunters.  Completely featured career mode Profile has several tracks to race on with complete stats. Third-person and in-car perspectives 3D graphics that are detailed Barnzmu is the creator of Super Star Car, which will be released in April 2021. Platform The web browser Controls W or the up arrow will accelerate AD, while the left and right arrow keys will steer C. To respawn, press the spacebar. Xbox Controller compatibility

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