Ram Cars

Ram Cars

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What is Ram Cars?

Ram Cars is a 3D arena car battle game in which you draw lines to smash your opponents. As you plan your moves and hit your enemies with full force, you can upgrade your car, complete challenges, and earn rewards.


In the new and exciting online game Ram Cars, fascinating survival races await you. The cars of the competition participants will be located in a special racing arena in front of you on the screen. The competition will begin when the signal is given. To find enemy cars, you must drive your car around the arena, avoiding various obstacles and traps. After spotting one of them, you must ram the enemy's car at high speed. Your mission is to smash your opponents' cars by striking them with your car. In the Ram Cars game, you will receive points for each car destroyed by your opponent. The player whose car remains running at the end of the Ram Cars game wins.


  • 3D graphics that will give you even more satisfaction when you win against your opponent. Fun with a little bit of thinking process. But don't worry, it will become second nature after a few tries.
  • Upgrade system to help you keep up with opponents
  • Car-destroying simulator gameplay is unique. You don't get to think before you smash everywhere!
  • Easy way to satisfy your desire to win and ram into something!

How to play

Using Mouse

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