City Car Driver

City Car Driver

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What is City Car Driver?

City Car Driver is a 3D driving simulator game with stunning lighting effects and five different gameplay modes to choose from, including Pursuit and Free Roam.

City Car Drive - Welcome to the car driving simulator, where you can simply drive around and explore the big city. Enjoy the beautiful graphics and cool car physics in the City Car Drive game on our website. Use ramps and bridges to practice various stunts. If you prefer, you can explore the city without a car. Have a good time.

Game Rules

When the game begins, you control a third-person character who must go to a car or a motorcycle to obtain a vehicle to drive. On the town streets, you will see various traffic vehicles such as school buses, vans, street cars, police cars, taxis, and motorcycles. You can drive any car in town; simply enter through the vehicle's left door.

You can either collect money found on the streets or complete extreme missions such as collecting items from building rooftops. You can buy new awesome supercars with the money you earn.

When you're in the off-road area, look at the map and go to town to find more missions. If you enjoy fast drifting and burnouts, you can burn the asphalt in this open-world city! You can now drive, drift, and feel like you're in a racing sports car!


  • Drive alongside cars and pedestrians.
  • - Actual city traffic and lights
  • - A realistic car driving simulation
  • - Open world setting: town and off-road
  • - Go to any car or motorcycle and drive it.
  • - Exquisite 3D graphics
  • - Correct car physics
  • - Offline driving game

How to play

Using Mouse

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