Drift Race 3D

Drift Race 3D

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What is Drift Race 3D?

Drift Race 3D is a straightforward racing game with 3D visuals. Players can tap or click to turn and drive sideways, and release to return the automobile to its original position. The player must navigate the zigzagging route in order to reach the finish line first. Complete the levels in order and never look back!

In the game Drift Race 3D, put the pedal to the metal of a strong vehicle to show the world who is the best racing driver! Examine every detail of the course to determine the optimal time to turn without deviating from the path or falling down the cliff.

Game Rules

If you play in levels mode, you must race against other cars to the finish line, performing various drifts along the way, with the courses becoming more harder as you progress, but the rewards for finishing them increasing as well.

Now, in the infinite mode, you keep driving until you fall off the tracks, which we don't want to happen to any of you. When necessary, tap and hold the left mouse button or your finger on the touchpad to make drifts.

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How to play

Using mouse

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