Car Crash Simulator

Car Crash Simulator

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These cars are built exactly like real cars. If you hit something, they can become deformed. Depending on the severity of the crash, you may lose various parts of the vehicle. They can shatter into many pieces depending on your crashing ability. The maps have been designed to accommodate stunts and crashes. Your goal, however, is to get your car to the finish line safely. It's a massive car crash simulator. A thrilling crashing adventure awaits you!

Drive fast down the road, over potholes if possible, and jump ramps to cause as much damage as possible. Crush other vehicles with a truck. Enjoy extreme destruction on mountain maps by dropping your car down the mountain and smashing it into thousands of pieces while watching the cars collide.

Drive through the crash test map, smashing the car with map items. If you hit hard enough, car parts will fall off; the game employs destruction physics that are realistic enough to enjoy. Make different crash tests on the same level with different cars to destroy them in various ways. You can also crash the car with the ones on the map to damage it.

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