Toy Car in Room

Toy Car in Room

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What is Toy Car in Room?

Toy Car in Room invites you to take part in a fun racing game in which you must drive a small toy vehicle to reach the hands of the friendly stickman figure who is waiting for you at the end of the road on the other side of the finish line.

Game Rules

Perform incredible feats, gather momentum with strong boosters, jump over ramps, soar through inter-dimensional portals, and perform unique tricks while feeling the speed and action in your flesh. Best wishes!

Prepare for some toy car fun! In this game, you play as a small toy car with a big goal: reach the finish line and fall safely in the hands of a person, no matter what! In this highly entertaining racing game, perform fantastic stunts, use super boosters, jump on ramps, fly through portals, and loads of other crazy movements. It's time to fire up your toy automobile and have some fun!

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