Drift Escape

Drift Escape

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What is Drift Escape?

Drift Escape is an adrenaline-pumping game in which you play as a skillful driver fleeing police and military pursuits in a busy city. Show off your drifting skills while dodging obstacles and crashing pursuers. It provides an immersive urban getaway with realistic graphics and simple controls. Learn the art of drifting, demonstrate your driving abilities, and become the ultimate evasive driver.

Participate in a fun demolition derby game! Adrenaline-pumping muscle car crash game featuring lots of damage, fascinating physics, and unique gameplay features. Cars, monster trucks, vans, and buses collide. Enjoy the Drift escape and avoid being apprehended by the cops. Survive the deadly derby and gain additional racing cars to destroy.


  • Gameplay with a single tap 
  • Right and left functions
  • Save money to buy more automobiles.
  • Collect hearts to gain extra lives.
  • Minimalist style

How to play

Using Mouse

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