Supercars Drift

Supercars Drift

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What is Supercars Drift?

Supercars Drift is a fresh new three-dimensional racing game. Select from a variety of sports cars and try to drift as much as possible on the racetracks. Increase your level to unlock new cars and beat your friends' high scores.

Game Rules

Smell the burning rubber and feel the heat of the racetrack in this fantastic Supercars Drifting game, designed for fans of hot sports cars and fast-paced races. Get in your fancy automobile and race against the clock on tracks with hard curves to enhance your drifting skills.

The more and longer you drift without collapsing, the higher your score. Drifting is the only method to raise your level, so do it as much as you can! The higher your level, the more new cars and tracks you can unlock. Continue until you've unlocked all of the choices and learned how to drift like an expert. Have fun with Supercars Drift!

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