Road Madness

Road Madness

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What is Road Madness?

Road Madness is a running game in which you control a vehicle with a massive gun attached to the roof. Remove every car and obstruction from your path.

Road Madness is an action-packed game that will put your driving and fighting abilities to the test. In this game, you'll be in the middle of a high-speed chase, with your opponents right on your tail. You must use your quick reflexes and fighting skills to attack and shoot enemies while on the move. The game's short description is, "The car is running at full speed." However, your opponents are pursuing you. They must be severed!

Game Rules

In Road Madness, you pilot an assault vehicle with a massive gun mounted on the roof and engage in a high-speed car chase. Your mission is to use lethal force to eliminate every vehicle and obstacle in your path. Improve your vehicle's stats and speed in order to defeat the game's boss. How far can you take this vehicle?

The goal of this game is to stay on the road for as long as possible. The path is fraught with peril. Other vehicles will enter your path, some friendly and some hostile. Your weapons will come in handy right now.  

All you have to do is use the mouse or the arrow keys to navigate between lanes and automatically aim and discharge your weapons. The amount of money gained is proportional to the number of vehicles destroyed. These can be used to buy upgrades, new cars, and special abilities. Money can also be obtained by achieving certain objectives. Boss battles are unavoidable, so keep your vehicle in top condition by investing in upgrades.

Defeat as many vehicles as you can, jump over ramps and avoid roadblocks as you can. Every broken car will drop coins for you to collect. You'll occasionally come across powerful bosses driving heavily armed cars. Defeat them to receive a special reward.

Aside from money, you can complete missions, hunt down specific enemies, or unlock new cars by completing tasks, which you can then upgrade.

How to play

Using Mouse

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