Russian Car Drift 3D

Russian Car Drift 3D

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What is Russian Car Drift 3D?

Russian Car Drift 3D is a top-down driving game with a focus on drifting elements. Use your drifting abilities to clear the snow from each level. Because everything comes down to mechanics, this game can appeal to both automotive and non-car aficionados. The controls and rules are shown to you during gameplay, and all you have to do is master them. The game may be about anything, but because vehicles are something we see every day, we can connect with the game material. It is even more accessible because it is built to be mobile.

Game Rules

Use the arrow keys (or mouse) to turn your automobile and collect all of the white splodges. There's no need to worry about stopping or changing gears, as your car rotates at a constant pace - the real problem in Russian Car Drift 3D is getting your timing correct. When you've accumulated enough coins, go to the garage and trade up for a better car! When playing, avoid hitting the track's edges: your car is extremely fragile and will explode if it comes into contact with walls or other obstacles.

Each level's purpose is to acquire all of the treasures spread throughout. The levels are confined squares with all sides barred. You'll need to acquire more collectibles as you move through them, and obstacles like lamp posts and extra barricades will be implemented. The number of collectibles you need to obtain is represented at the top by a white bar that turns red as you gather. If you collide with an obstacle, your car will crash and you will have to restart the level.

The collectibles are tokens of money that may be used in the Garage on the main menu. You'll find a variety of cars to pick from and buy here. Each automobile is visually distinct and can perform differently depending on its configuration.

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