Extreme Car Drift

Extreme Car Drift

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What is Extreme Car Drift?

Extreme Car Drift - A fantastic 3D drift simulator game with an open city and traffic. Drive and demonstrate your drifting abilities. Play this drift automobile simulator with amazing 3D graphics and a plethora of improvements. Customize your vehicle and select the coolest colors.

Extreme Car Drift is a terrific, thrilling, and entertaining driving game. Drifting is encouraged in this open-world driving simulator. In which you must race very fast, cutting-edge vehicles on difficult, never-before-seen tracks. While driving, perform some stunning drifts.

Game Rules

Show off your virtuoso extreme driving talents to earn extra money for tuning up your automobile. If your automobile has dents after an accident, take it to a repair shop to get it restored to its original condition. Also, make a stop at a petrol station to refill your tank. Complete a range of interesting tasks found throughout the city—race down a crowded highway or hilly off-road, climbing steep mountain summits. You can switch to a first-person camera view for a really unique gaming experience if you want to make it more immersive. You can select the ideal graphics quality in the options for a more comfortable game on your device.

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