Derby Crash 5

Derby Crash 5

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Derby Crash 5 is a high-octane driving game set in a 3D world with a hyper-realistic design in which you can drive any vehicle you want, completing the most insane slides and stunts.

Move freely, pass across two big islands separated by a sea, and try to hop on the aircraft carrier stationed between them to go from one to the other without falling into the water. Unlock new vehicles, race nonstop, and enjoy the sensation of speed and excitement on your skin.

The goal of this heavy destruction game is to wreak as much damage as possible. Step on the throttle and drive as fast as you can towards other vehicles, destroying them altogether. Shoot at everything that gets in your way, show no mercy, and burn down all other cars. Have fun playing Derby Crash 3 online for free!

How to play

  • Controls WASD / arrow keys = drive
  • Space = hand brake
  • Enter = unflip
  • C = change camera
  • R = repair
  • T = time frame

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