Train Drift

Train Drift

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What is Train Drift?

Train Drift is an enjoyable arcade game that will provide you with a one-of-a-kind gaming experience through very exhilarating racing over curving railroad tracks! There are numerous great levels ahead of you, each of which must be completed. Carry on at full speed, firing sparks from your tires and collecting gold coins. Keep an eye out for traffic signs alerting you of a steep curve.

Game Rules

Lean to the side to enter the drift state and jump to the next track. There will be a balance scale at the bottom, which should always be in the green zone. Otherwise, your locomotive will derail. Be exceedingly alert and vigilant because there will be numerous obstacles along the path, any accident with them will result in a loss. Amass enough money to purchase new trains with greater performance. Travel through vibrant areas and conquer the most extreme courses that no motorist in their right mind would attempt!

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