Car Drifting Pro Racing Cars

Car Drifting Pro Racing Cars

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What is Car Drifting Pro Racing Cars?

Car Drifting Pro Racing Cars is an addictive game. You can spend your free time participating in a variety of missions. Furthermore, you can easily control your car by using the arrow keys. To turn left and right, simply press the left and right arrow keys. These features are similar to those found in the Drift 3 game. Drift 3 is another intriguing drifting car game that has millions of players worldwide. You can also easily control your car in this game to compete in races. The races are also extremely appealing, with fierce competition. There is one more feature in the Drift 3 game. It's a multiplayer game. This feature allows you to compete against other players directly. 


  • Next-Generation drift racing graphics - Realistic drifting physics
  • Drive through stunning locations such as Tokyo, Japan, and New York. Brooklyn, New York, Red Square Moscow, Russia at night or during the day.
  • You can enter each vehicle and drive your drift racing car from the cockpit.
  • Be the fastest on the track! Race against friends and players from all over the world to claim victory and become a true legend.
  • Create a drift racing car with extreme upgrades.

Game Rules

In the online multiplayer mode, race against real players from all over the world and dominate the leaderboards! Choose between two multiplayer modes, Classic Drift and Racing, and show your opponents who is the PRO.

This game has a lot of levels. To proceed to the next level, you must first complete the previous level. These levels each have their own map and set of challenges. It's not easy to complete all of the levels in this drifting game. The difficulty of this game will increase over time. You can, however, progress through the levels to improve your control abilities.

To complete a level, you must direct your car to collect all of the items on the playing screen. After collecting the items, proceed to the exit to advance to the next level. Avoid colliding with the playing field's edges. The game will be over if you collide.

How to play

Using Mouse

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