Super Stunt car 7

Super Stunt car 7

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What is Super Stunt Car 7?

Super Stunt Car 7 is a 3D epic car driving game with various insane tracks. Make your car the best on the planet! Muscle cars, jump ramps, loops, fire rings, racing tracks, and skill tracks are all included in this game.

It's a fun and enjoyable stunt car game with both casual and challenging levels. Rise to the top by defeating the other players in the multiplayer racing arena! Make your car the best on the planet!

Game Rules

Before the race begins in Super Stunt Car 7, you will see a panorama of the track that you must navigate, and this is not to scare you, though the road will do so. The preview forces the rider to mentally prepare for obstacles and understand how to react, where to slow down, and where to accelerate quickly in order to jump over dangerous areas or emptiness. Acceleration is required in front of springboard-like hills because the next impassable area must be flown over. Along the way, collect coins. The track will change, new obstacles will be added, and Super Stunt Car 7 will become more difficult.

Muscle cars, jump ramps, Loops, fire rings, racing tracks, skill tracks, puzzle tracks, racing against trains, customizable cars, monster trucks, online racing, and upgradable cars from stunt to monster car levels can all be found in this game. Get it now!

Win the stunt track challenges with your amazing stunt car! Drive on tracks that include jumps, loops, and obstacles! Compete against a train! In San Francisco, beat the cop cars! Try out the new racing levels against the opposing vehicle! Begin playing the enjoyable tracks immediately, and challenge yourself to get three stars on all levels!

  • Progress on the car racing tracks and unlock new levels with more awesome jumps, loops, and challenges.
  • As you progress, improve the car's performance.
  • Play with four different cars. There's even a monster truck car!
  • Level themes include Arizona canyons, the San Francisco port, the San Francisco streets, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the wasteland.
  • Race with classic American dream muscle cars.
  • Level obstacles such as moving trains and pursuing cop cars.
  • The Wasteland theme includes levels in which you race another car.
  • Race tracks where you can compete against different opponents' cars!
  • New levels featuring cops chasing you down stunt car tracks!

How to play

Using Mouse

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