Stickmen Drift 3D

Stickmen Drift 3D

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What is Stickmen Drift 3D?

Stickmen Drift 3D is an exciting survival action game in which you must get behind the wheel of a car and demonstrate your driving talents in order to crush the uncountable hordes of foes that have flooded the city's streets! You have a number of difficult stages ahead of you in which you must use various weapons to defeat masses of undead. So, what are you holding out for? Get in your car and splatter all of the zombies on the road!

Game Rules

In Stickmen Drift 3D, put the pedal to the metal and prepare to viciously drift and run over all your enemies! Protect your vehicle's life at all times and stop dangerous opponents from dropping your life bar to zero before it's too late.

You can gain points for your experience, which will allow you to unlock new upgrades and increase your game and stamina! Paint the ground with the colors of the characters you run over and play levels set in a variety of scary settings such as rubbish dumps, abandoned neighborhoods, the desert, a dark forest, and much more. Have a fantastic time!

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